Wilsonville, OR – The Oregon Republican Party strongly opposes Senate Bill 941, legislation that would require the registration of private gun sales, enforced through excessive penalties, including heavy fines and mandatory jail time.

Will Democrats in Salem underfund Education to spend on other things and force a tax increase?
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Chairman Bill Currier appeared with GOP guest panel on KATU News Show
Your Voice Your Vote: The future of Oregon Republican Party
which aired March 9th 2015

Congratulations to the State Party Officers Elected Feb 28th

From left to right - Vice Chair Tyler Smith, Treasurer Ken Taylor, Secretary Chris Barreto, and Chairman Bill Currier.

The Governor Must Resign

The Oregonian, through its online arm, Oregon Live, asked for the Governor of the State of Oregon to resign.

It's about time. Oregonians expect their laws to be made and executed for the good of the people of Oregon, not for the personal benefit of certain elected officials or their girlfriends.Governor Kitzhaber

What's nearly as bad is the complicity of the media in all of this. Nearly every paper in the state endorsed Governor Kitzhaber back in October, just prior to the election. Much of the basics of this story was known. We've since filled in a few details and added a few numbers, but at the time these media organizations were making their endorsements, they knew -- or should have known -- these facts.

Yet, even as the state's largest daily (are they still a daily?) asks for Governor Kitzhaber's resignation, they offer no remedy should he fail to do so. At this point, the Attorney General is no less complicit if she does not open a real investigation or appoint a special counsel.

It's been said many times before, but maybe it needs to be said again. "If a Republican had done these things..."

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